This project originated from long-term discussions with a broad spectrum of stakeholders representing Capital Region arts organizations, private corporations, philanthropists, economic development, chambers of commerce, non-profit organizations, financial organizations, media, and educational institutions. The stakeholders recognize creative enterprises are of vital economic importance in terms of employment, community empowerment, economic competitiveness, enhanced quality of life, and skill building – all leading to the community’s increased well-being.  This group is the Regional Alliance for a Creative Economy.

On behalf of the stakeholders, The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region and Center for Economic Growth contracted with Mt. Auburn Associates, Inc. to review the Capital Region’s creative economy and assist in the development of a Strategic Action Plan. The objective of the Action Plan is to drive economic growth in the region by leveraging assets within the creative sector.

This economic assessment of the creative sector will:

  • assess the current creative economy of the Capital Region of upstate New York
  • develop strategies to increase the impact of the Capital Region’s creative economy