The scope of this project spans the eight counties of New York’s Capital Region and includes the sectors that make up the Creative Economy.

The Capital Region of upstate New York includes the following eight counties:

  1. Albany
  2. Columbia
  3. Greene
  4. Rensselaer
  5. Saratoga
  6. Schenectady
  7. Warren
  8. Washington

The creative sector includes individuals and businesses whose products and services originate in aesthetic, artistic, or cultural content. The creative sector will be further defined in the initial stages of the project. Input will be solicited from businesses, organizations, and individuals in the Capital Region which contribute to or are impacted by the creative sector. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • arts and cultural organizations
  • for- and non-profit organizations
  • large and small companies
  • chambers of commerce and tourism bureaus
  • financial organizations
  • philanthropists
  • artists
  • media
  • educational institutions

This economic assessment of the Capital Region’s Creative Economy is not a funding activity but rather an action focusedĀ planning activity intended to assess and define specific activities that will address regional and county strategies and opportunities.